Jennifer Rain Crosby is a self-taught freelance illustrator, painter and writer.  Born to artist parents and raised in a community of artists, she learned to hone her skills in illustrating, painting, sculpting and writing. 

 Her earliest influences were the comics of TintinAsterix and Elfquest, all of which fueled her obsession with drawing comic characters and helped her strengthen her drawing skills. This eventually led to making art in other mediums: clay, wood, watercolors, pastels, and acrylics and finally oils.

 In addition to her very personal body of plein-air and figurative paintings, Jennifer has illustrated books, event posters, product labels, political call-to-actions; all hand drawn, some in pen and ink, some with watercolor or colored inks.



I believe in the transforming power of art as “food for our souls.”

I strive to be a seeker and seeder of the type of beauty that lies outside the mainstream definition. Whether I’m painting fox face girls or a tangle of woods just off the road, the goal is the same: for the inner world of the imagination and outer world to reflect each other, to be mutually enhancing, balancing and harmonious.

 I’m most interested in creating art that can stand the test of time, and ideally transform the impossible into the possible, which informs my credo:

 Even though it is impossible, you have to do it…

Because your true nature wants you to.